Padlock Keyring
Padlock Keyring
Padlock Keyring

1 :- When I was younger I sang in the Church Choir.
2 :- I once went on an team building week and had to go pot holing but froze before we had even gone in to the cave as I am scared of enclosed spaces, but abseiled down both a cliff and a bridge without a second thought.
3 :- Why do I do things at 90mph when at work but always put off until tomorrow what I have planned to do today.
4 :- I like to listen to 50’s and 60’s music, is it because I live in the past?
5 :- I lived in Singapore for two years when I was a child.
6 :- I’ve been married to my wife Sue for 22 years but we have lived together for 36 years.
7 :- My favourite holiday destination is the Vendee on the west coast of France.
8 :- Why is it when one of the children or grand children has an accident that involves blood, cuts or breaks I am always calm and in control but when there is something similar on television I turn over or close my eyes as I am squeamish.
9 ;- I ran the Junior section at my local golf club for six years and all my holidays were used taking the kids to tournaments.
10 :- My wife said that I am an idiot (but not that nicely) and that all men are L
11 :- I enjoy walking with my dogs and we often walk along the river trent for hours without seeing another soul.

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