Watch-outs when buying a Spade

Firstly there is the trusted spade as we will all at sometime be turning over the soil or digging a hole to plant those newly purchased plants/young trees or bushes, so it is important to buy something that is not only practical but is also comfortable to use, so before you purchase test it out by imitating the actions that you would if you were using it in your garden – you may get a few strange looks and maybe comments but better to have the looks and comments rather than a bad back or blistered hands because you didn’t test it and it was either too heavy, too long or short or the handle was not suitable for you. I personally look for tools that have the D shaped handle as I find these the most comfortable to the hands. I also look for tools with wood or coated metal handles – although my first option would always be the wood – mainly because these are generally very strong without being too heavy. I personally look to buy something with either a Hickory or Ash handle as these are the two most durable woods. Avoid purchasing something where the handle has been painted as you don’t know what the paint is concealing and also avoid Douglas Fir as you generally find that the tool is normally of a lesser quality. Always check to see what the Manufacturer claims about the quality, normally the following words are a sign that the tools are well made, “single forged”, “solid socket”, “stainless steel”, “epoxy coated”, “tempered” or “carbon steel”When you have finished using your tools you should always clean and store them away correctly, I myself keep all my long handled tools hung neatly on a peg rack, I have found that this protects the edges from becoming dull, it also serves another purpose as I always know where to look when it is needed. 

Where to Get Free Stuff

There are a great many places that you can source an item that you need without having to pay through the nose for it and you may even be surprised to find that one man’s junk is another mans treasure. I was recently reading through the ads of my local free paper and stumbled upon someone giving away three different sizes of jiffy bags, bubble wrap and packaging, as I had just started an engraving business and will be sending goods out via the post all three items were essentials so I rang the telephone number on the advert and was pleasantly surprised to be told that everything was unused and still boxed and if I wanted it I should go around and collect it immediately. In addition to the local papers another great source for free goods is the internet this option broadens the search area and it also gives a greater variety of goods ranging from buttons to three piece suites and a lot more besides, I have also found it to be a great way to get rid of all that clutter you have collected over the years, I cannot speak for anyone else but personally when I give something away rather than selling it on I get a lot of satisfaction. Another great source in my local area is the local post office, the post master has put a notice board up for the locals to put their adverts on it’s a great way to recycle within the community. So next time you want something before you go out and buy it try your luck on one of the free sites and you may get more than you bargained for and you will certainly meet some very kind and generous individuals. ..

Once again may I thank you all for taking the time to read this, and have a great day.


Manage your Time Efficiently

Firstly to successfully manage our time we have to be organised in both our personal and also professional life. Not all of us – I include myself in this category – currently have sufficient skills to organise tasks efficiently but before we can do this we need to manage our time first.

Make a list of what you need to do and keep it up to date, on the list you need to include both urgent and none urgent things, this will help you to remember things in the future that you may otherwise have forgot or dismissed as trivial, When you have made your list put an estimated time and date for completion against each action – this is something that I have now started to do and I have found that while I have a spare minute I have managed to find information on the internet that would enable me to finish one of my tasks. Try to be sensible when setting the times and try to meet them, this will take the pressure and stress away by ensuring that nothing is left until the last minute and then realising that you haven’t given yourself enough time to complete everything. Set out and follow an action plan. I find that that sometimes the only way that I am going to get something done especially when working at home is if I am in a room by myself so there are no distractions. If you are like me and you realise it then please act accordingly.

To manage your time efficiently does not always relate to work you should also schedule in time where you have free time to relax and recharge your batteries, it is also good to give yourself a treat of some kind when you complete your tasks, this could be as simple as having a coffee break or a mini break away.

Success comes to those who know how to manage their time well.

Many thanks for reading

Your friend


Feelings, Habits, Impulses and Thoughts

Today I am going to write about why we do what we do and all of the headings above contribute to why we do the things we do. Lets start with Feelings, there are a number of different kinds, here are a few examples, The feeling of loneliness, dissatisfaction, lacking feeling, then there is the physical feelings ie;- That lost feeling in in your toes when cold or that strange feeling in your stomach or that tingling feeling when you bang your funny bone in your elbow Then there is the feeling of pride and satisfaction when you are praised or you feel that you have done something good or worthwhile.

So when you say “ I am feeling angry, sad, happy” in my opinion you are interpreting how your body feels at that moment in time. At this moment in time I am writing this and I am feeling apprehensive and possibly a little fear as to how this will be received.

Lets now move on to Habits, Habits are as quoted in the dictionary, “something that we do often and regularly, sometimes without realising that we are doing it.” Once again there are different kinds of habits we all have them whether they be good or bad. Habit is an established custom for example “we always go shopping on a Saturday”. It may even be psychological where we have a certain pattern of behaviour that we use in response to certain situations that we may have inherited or acquired through frequent repetition. I myself have just started a business and am trying to get in to the habit of doing certain tasks on a daily basis, and as I am a “creature of habit” it is quite a challenge.

Next is impulse, The meaning of Impulse can be stimulus in the mind arising from the influence of a particular feeling or mental state, etc:- to act under a generous impulse or to strike out at someone from a negative/angry impulse. It can also be a sudden desire, whim or an inclination, my wife often has a “sudden desire” or a “whim” especially when in town with my daughter and often results in a new pair of shoes or clothing. An impulse is something that causes and encourages a response such as encouragement, impetus, stimulation and motivation.

Last but certainly not least is thoughts, we could write forever about thoughts but this is something that we do constantly throughout the day as we deliberate we consider we reflect and we come to a conclusion these are but a few of the things we think about, but all four – feelings, Habits, Impulses and Thoughts are why we all do what we do.

Whilst writing this I have used all four but an hour or so ago I had a sudden urge to act as I had just lost all the work I had been doing for the last hour but it has taught me a valuable lesson and that is that I should get in to the Habit of saving my work on a regular basis.

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