Feelings, Habits, Impulses and Thoughts

Today I am going to write about why we do what we do and all of the headings above contribute to why we do the things we do. Lets start with Feelings, there are a number of different kinds, here are a few examples, The feeling of loneliness, dissatisfaction, lacking feeling, then there is the physical feelings ie;- That lost feeling in in your toes when cold or that strange feeling in your stomach or that tingling feeling when you bang your funny bone in your elbow Then there is the feeling of pride and satisfaction when you are praised or you feel that you have done something good or worthwhile.

So when you say “ I am feeling angry, sad, happy” in my opinion you are interpreting how your body feels at that moment in time. At this moment in time I am writing this and I am feeling apprehensive and possibly a little fear as to how this will be received.

Lets now move on to Habits, Habits are as quoted in the dictionary, “something that we do often and regularly, sometimes without realising that we are doing it.” Once again there are different kinds of habits we all have them whether they be good or bad. Habit is an established custom for example “we always go shopping on a Saturday”. It may even be psychological where we have a certain pattern of behaviour that we use in response to certain situations that we may have inherited or acquired through frequent repetition. I myself have just started a business and am trying to get in to the habit of doing certain tasks on a daily basis, and as I am a “creature of habit” it is quite a challenge.

Next is impulse, The meaning of Impulse can be stimulus in the mind arising from the influence of a particular feeling or mental state, etc:- to act under a generous impulse or to strike out at someone from a negative/angry impulse. It can also be a sudden desire, whim or an inclination, my wife often has a “sudden desire” or a “whim” especially when in town with my daughter and often results in a new pair of shoes or clothing. An impulse is something that causes and encourages a response such as encouragement, impetus, stimulation and motivation.

Last but certainly not least is thoughts, we could write forever about thoughts but this is something that we do constantly throughout the day as we deliberate we consider we reflect and we come to a conclusion these are but a few of the things we think about, but all four – feelings, Habits, Impulses and Thoughts are why we all do what we do.

Whilst writing this I have used all four but an hour or so ago I had a sudden urge to act as I had just lost all the work I had been doing for the last hour but it has taught me a valuable lesson and that is that I should get in to the Habit of saving my work on a regular basis.

My Invitation to You to Guest Blog

Hello to all you bloggers out there I am looking for some of you to guest blog on my site but there are a few things you need to know before taking the leap.

1:- Could you please ensure that there is a minimum of 300 words in each blog and that all guest posts are related to blogging, freelancing and / or writing.

2:- Once we have agreed to a topic we will also set a deadline as I find that when a deadline is set this helps people focus better and this will also help me to plan my posting schedule, I do appreciate when people deliver but it’s surprising how many bloggers contact you, agree to a topic and then are never heard from again.

3:- If you agree to blog could you please submit it through email to me so that I can run through it for typing errors or incorrect word usage as these will reflect poorly on my brand and as a blogger I’m sure that you won’t mind me correcting a typing error (after all it will be your byline). I will not edit your posts as this is your voice and I want your post to be something that we can both be proud of. If there is something that I’m not happy with I will email the blogger and explain my reasons and hopefully resolve before going to print.

4:- When readers are reading posts written on my blog they presume that guest posts are written by me, I will prevent this by titling all guest posts and include the bloggers name at the top and bottom of the post. I will also ask all guest bloggers for a link so that readers can visit there blog, check out there website, or follow them on twitter.

5:- I will inform the guest blogger when their post is going to be aired and I will send the link once it is live, this will give me the chance to thank the blogger for their post and the blogger can then forward the link to friends or even post it on their own blog.

So if you are up for the challenge it will be good to hear from you.


My Goals and Dreams

Since I decided to start the business up there have always been little steps that I have been trying to achieve some I have achieved and some are pie in the sky but hey if you don’t have a goal or dream life would be a bit boring. So I have achieved some of the many goals that I set myself firstly we have set our business up and we have a website and we also went live in January. Alas I didn’t achieve at least two I set myself one was to make my first £1000 by February and the other was to let the wife know that I am the boss – the last one is definitely pie in the sky as most men will testify. My goals and dreams for the next two or three years are to be a successful company that delivers a great product and service that excites all our customers old and new so much so that you all come back time after time. I would also like the business to be bringing in enough income to enable me to leave the job that I am currently in. In the next five years I would like to see the business expand into other parts of engraving possibly to do with lasers, I also hope that not only my children but my grandchildren are actively involved in the business and that both my wife and I can take a step back, and purely from a personal point of view I dream that my wife and I are slowing down and enjoying the good things in life like long walks in the countryside with our dogs, long holidays fine wine, food and pleasant company in sunny climes and the big one wait for it…… I become a millionaire.


Why I Started Blogging

I came to the conclusion last year that I had reached a crossroad in my life and felt that the time was right for me to start working for myself and decided that I would turn one of my pastimes which is engraving into a family run engraving business. In August of last year after a lot of conversations with family and friends we set about putting the wheels in motion, firstly by purchasing a new engraving machine and then we sourced and purchased a varied range of stock, but we then needed to sell our wares and after talking to the boss (my wife of course!) I was steered in the right direction which of course was a website. I then got in touch with Sue and Steve at Suste Easysites who then built a website for me, not only have they set our site up but they have along our journey given us some sound advice, so much so that I now have another boss (it must be something to do with the name Sue or is it that I am easily led? Or it could be that they are correct – cannot believe I just wrote that). So now we have the stock and the website but that still does not mean that we are going to be successful and as one of my bosses quoted in conversation to me a couple of weeks ago “buying stock and setting a website up doesn’t mean you’re a business you still need customers to visit your site” this is absolutely right and there are still a few more things and a lot more hard work that we need to do to enable us to have a viable up and running business and one of the many things we still needed to do was start a blog site and that my friends is why I have started to blog.


11 Things you didn’t know about me

Padlock Keyring
Padlock Keyring
Padlock Keyring

1 :- When I was younger I sang in the Church Choir.
2 :- I once went on an team building week and had to go pot holing but froze before we had even gone in to the cave as I am scared of enclosed spaces, but abseiled down both a cliff and a bridge without a second thought.
3 :- Why do I do things at 90mph when at work but always put off until tomorrow what I have planned to do today.
4 :- I like to listen to 50’s and 60’s music, is it because I live in the past?
5 :- I lived in Singapore for two years when I was a child.
6 :- I’ve been married to my wife Sue for 22 years but we have lived together for 36 years.
7 :- My favourite holiday destination is the Vendee on the west coast of France.
8 :- Why is it when one of the children or grand children has an accident that involves blood, cuts or breaks I am always calm and in control but when there is something similar on television I turn over or close my eyes as I am squeamish.
9 ;- I ran the Junior section at my local golf club for six years and all my holidays were used taking the kids to tournaments.
10 :- My wife said that I am an idiot (but not that nicely) and that all men are L
11 :- I enjoy walking with my dogs and we often walk along the river trent for hours without seeing another soul.

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Hello To Everyone

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