There are a great many places that you can source an item that you need without having to pay through the nose for it and you may even be surprised to find that one man’s junk is another mans treasure. I was recently reading through the ads of my local free paper and stumbled upon someone giving away three different sizes of jiffy bags, bubble wrap and packaging, as I had just started an engraving business and will be sending goods out via the post all three items were essentials so I rang the telephone number on the advert and was pleasantly surprised to be told that everything was unused and still boxed and if I wanted it I should go around and collect it immediately. In addition to the local papers another great source for free goods is the internet this option broadens the search area and it also gives a greater variety of goods ranging from buttons to three piece suites and a lot more besides, I have also found it to be a great way to get rid of all that clutter you have collected over the years, I cannot speak for anyone else but personally when I give something away rather than selling it on I get a lot of satisfaction. Another great source in my local area is the local post office, the post master has put a notice board up for the locals to put their adverts on it’s a great way to recycle within the community. So next time you want something before you go out and buy it try your luck on one of the free sites and you may get more than you bargained for and you will certainly meet some very kind and generous individuals. ..

Once again may I thank you all for taking the time to read this, and have a great day.


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