Since I decided to start the business up there have always been little steps that I have been trying to achieve some I have achieved and some are pie in the sky but hey if you don’t have a goal or dream life would be a bit boring. So I have achieved some of the many goals that I set myself firstly we have set our business up and we have a website and we also went live in January. Alas I didn’t achieve at least two I set myself one was to make my first £1000 by February and the other was to let the wife know that I am the boss – the last one is definitely pie in the sky as most men will testify. My goals and dreams for the next two or three years are to be a successful company that delivers a great product and service that excites all our customers old and new so much so that you all come back time after time. I would also like the business to be bringing in enough income to enable me to leave the job that I am currently in. In the next five years I would like to see the business expand into other parts of engraving possibly to do with lasers, I also hope that not only my children but my grandchildren are actively involved in the business and that both my wife and I can take a step back, and purely from a personal point of view I dream that my wife and I are slowing down and enjoying the good things in life like long walks in the countryside with our dogs, long holidays fine wine, food and pleasant company in sunny climes and the big one wait for it…… I become a millionaire.


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