Hello to all you bloggers out there I am looking for some of you to guest blog on my site but there are a few things you need to know before taking the leap.

1:- Could you please ensure that there is a minimum of 300 words in each blog and that all guest posts are related to blogging, freelancing and / or writing.

2:- Once we have agreed to a topic we will also set a deadline as I find that when a deadline is set this helps people focus better and this will also help me to plan my posting schedule, I do appreciate when people deliver but it’s surprising how many bloggers contact you, agree to a topic and then are never heard from again.

3:- If you agree to blog could you please submit it through email to me so that I can run through it for typing errors or incorrect word usage as these will reflect poorly on my brand and as a blogger I’m sure that you won’t mind me correcting a typing error (after all it will be your byline). I will not edit your posts as this is your voice and I want your post to be something that we can both be proud of. If there is something that I’m not happy with I will email the blogger and explain my reasons and hopefully resolve before going to print.

4:- When readers are reading posts written on my blog they presume that guest posts are written by me, I will prevent this by titling all guest posts and include the bloggers name at the top and bottom of the post. I will also ask all guest bloggers for a link so that readers can visit there blog, check out there website, or follow them on twitter.

5:- I will inform the guest blogger when their post is going to be aired and I will send the link once it is live, this will give me the chance to thank the blogger for their post and the blogger can then forward the link to friends or even post it on their own blog.

So if you are up for the challenge it will be good to hear from you.


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