There are lots of things that we think we know about dogs but there are also times when we have been given the wrong information so here are a few Myths about dogs that are actually just that.

1. Dogs can only see in Black and White:- Dogs actually see the environment in three colours, yellow, grey and Blue. If a dog is given something that is Red or Green they will see these colours as a shade of Grey.2. If I get a puppy I can mould it into the perfect dog:- If this was the case all our children would be perfect too. How many kids are well raised, they learn good manners and get good grades at school but then go off the rails? Perfect parenting doesn’t mean that a child will not become a crook of some sort. The same applies to dogs, Perfect parenting doesn’t guarantee perfect dogs.

3. If a dog is wagging it’s tail it is Happy:- Tail wagging does express a strong emotion, similar to a human smiling. However just like a human smile a dogs wagging tail does not always mean happiness or something positive. Dogs often wag their tails when they are agitated ,irritated, anxious, frightened or aggressive. It has been found that tail wagging is reserved for when a dog is in the company of others.

4. You cannot teach an old dog new tricks :- You can teach an old dog new tricks, dogs can learn as long as it is within their physical capabilities right up until they sadly pass away. What is more important is that dogs need stimulation just like we do and with patience and kindness owners can teach their old dogs new tricks as long as the dog is bright, alert and responsive.

There are many more Myths about dogs and I am sure that you will have come across some too, so why not share them with me. I look forward to hearing from you all, Once again I wish you all the best and thank you for taking the time to read this article

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