With my busy work schedule it has been a pleasure to prepare all my hanging baskets a little bit earlier this year, mainly due to the mild weather we are experiencing at the minute. And before you all scream at me, I know that we are still not safe from the frost and to put your minds at rest, at night they are all moved in to the greenhouse for protection….. Phew I hear you all saying. Because of time constraints I have purchased all my flowers this year from a well known shopping channel and this year all the plants I have purchased are plug plants and appear to be great value for money as you are purchasing flowers that have not been grown on – well that’s what the shopping channel are telling me!

So what did I buy I hear you ask, well there are the usual Pansies, Petunia, Lobelia and Fuschia but I have also bought a few things that I have never had before firstly there are the Begonias, I bought these because I have an area in my garden that gets very little sun and these plants are supposed to grow anywhere and will add a little colour and vibrancy to an otherwise dour area, I have also purchased a Fuschia that is different to other Fuschias as it has berries on that are supposed to be edible – I will let you know later in the season whether I’m successful and what they taste like. And lastly I have got a plant that I’ve never heard of called a Trailing Lofos which is a beautiful Burgundy Red that is supposed to trail to a length of 1.2 metres.

Many thanks to my beautiful grand- daughter Casey for all the help with the planting, it was truly a great day and it is also nice to see the younger generation taking an interest, lets hope she enjoys the digging as much… I think I may be on my own with that.


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