How long does my item take to make?

Usually, your item is processed within 72 hours, but not may not be dispatched for up to 2 weeks during busy periods. Our items are sent via Royal Mail, so delivery normally takes just over a week after the item has been dispatched.

I have messed up my handprint what do I do now?

You can buy extra kits from us on our site from the miscellaneous section, or upload your picture its surprising what we can do with an image

Is the impression kit safe for children

We have not had any problems from customers using the kit however we suggest washing the childs
hands/feet immediately afterwards. (please seek medical help if you notice any adverse reactions)

Is the impression kit safe for pets

We have had no problems from customers using this on their pets, we advise washing the paws 
immediately afterwards. (please seek veterinary help if you notice any adverse reactions) 

I have taken a finger print but looks like a smudge of ink?

Children don’t develop their finger prints until about 3 years old so will be better to use a hand or footprint.

How much do I look after my pendant?

We recommend you don’t wear them whilst showering or bathing, and take off at night especially if you use moisturizing creams

Why are they mainly stainless steel why don’t you use silver?

Stainless steel and rhodium are an extremely hard metal and any engraving will last a long time, but silver is a softer metal and will wear off or tarnish

Why does my pendant image looks a little strange?

When uploading a picture make sure you use the highest quality image. Poor image. Poor engraving.

Why can’t I post my image or photo to you?

We get hundreds of orders and it delays your ordering being dispatched. We have an easy to use system so that we don’t put the wrong picture on the wrong pendant, which is why it is all done digitally, if you don’t have access to a scanner you can take a picture using a smart phone and then send the picture to your account with us.

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