What a glorious morning it was this morning, so nice that I decided to take my two dogs Bonnie and Clyde for the first of many walks along the Nottingham Canal to Beeston and then come back along the River Trent. To get to the canal from where I live we walked through the Park Estate. A beautiful private estate with lots of big old Victorian houses. We also pass Nottingham Castle just before getting to the canal. Once on the tow path of the canal we walked for about six miles to Beeston taking in all the wildlife, and the peace and quite away from the hustle and bustle of city life is amazing when you consider we are only five minutes away from the city centre. It’s also nice to let the dogs off their leads to explore all the new sights and smells. It’s amazing how the canal changes through the season, as you walk along the canal there is a great mixture of industrial buildings on one side and wildlife on the other, It makes you think how busy it must have been in its glory years. It is also nice to see that the wildlife have taken up residence on the industrial side away from the dangers of animals and human intervention. On todays walk we saw the ducks with their little ones we also saw swans, moorhens, a vole, rat and a Heron not to forget the fish jumping. When we finally get to Beeston there are the Locks for the boats and barges to get from the canal to the River Trent. I normally walk to the Beeston weir and then turn back and head towards the city on the cycle path that the council has built and although I like the peace and tranquillity when out with the dogs it is nice to see the path used by so many people. The wildlife also changes when walking along the river there are rabbits and owls and a few birds of prey but I would be guessing as to what they are. As we walked along the River Trent it was nice to see the Swans on the river, today I counted thirteen from Beeston weir down to Clifton Bridge. Once at Clifton Bridge the walk along the river bank ceases and for about two miles we walk along the main road until we arrive back at the park estate and eventually home where the dogs flop down on their beds exhausted and I have a nice cup of tea. But one thing is for sure we are all both the dogs and I are very contented.


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