I came to the conclusion last year that I had reached a crossroad in my life and felt that the time was right for me to start working for myself and decided that I would turn one of my pastimes which is engraving into a family run engraving business. In August of last year after a lot of conversations with family and friends we set about putting the wheels in motion, firstly by purchasing a new engraving machine and then we sourced and purchased a varied range of stock, but we then needed to sell our wares and after talking to the boss (my wife of course!) I was steered in the right direction which of course was a website. I then got in touch with Sue and Steve at Suste Easysites who then built a website for me, not only have they set our site up but they have along our journey given us some sound advice, so much so that I now have another boss (it must be something to do with the name Sue or is it that I am easily led? Or it could be that they are correct – cannot believe I just wrote that). So now we have the stock and the website but that still does not mean that we are going to be successful and as one of my bosses quoted in conversation to me a couple of weeks ago “buying stock and setting a website up doesn’t mean you’re a business you still need customers to visit your site” this is absolutely right and there are still a few more things and a lot more hard work that we need to do to enable us to have a viable up and running business and one of the many things we still needed to do was start a blog site and that my friends is why I have started to blog.


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